Pros and Cons of Using Slipcover

By | September 16, 2016

For some people, the slipcover really helps them in maintaining the sofa. The slipcover does not only protect from stains or scratch, but its design is also nice for the sofa itself. Moreover, now there are there are pure custom, ready-made, and semi-custom slipcover. If there are no matched patterns or colors for your home, you can custom based on your own tastes.

The prices of the slipcover are ranges with the pure custom are the most expensive. It is because you can custom the fabrication and the pattern as you want. The ready-made slipcover has the cheapest price among three of them. However, although it is the cheapest one, there might be motive and color that will be appropriate for your sofas. If you are considering to use the slipcover for your sofa, here are several things you need to know before purchasing


  1. Protecting your sofa

The sofa is one of the spots that is very often used. Therefore, it is undeniable that as time goes by, the color can be faded and the fabrication can look dull. By layering your sofa with the slipcover, you can place your sofa in the place where it is exposed to the direct sunlight. Then, when the color is faded, you can change into new one. The slipcover also protects your sofa from the stains, especially if your kids tend to spill their food or drinks.

  1. Easy maintenance

You do not need to clean your sofa itself because the only thing you need to do is removing the slipcover and putting them into the laundry. It is harder when you do not use the slipcover because you need to vacuum your sofa regularly and wipe them with the wet5 cloth and cleaner.


  1. Unfit size

The ready-made slipcover that is available in the market is manufactured in the general size of a sofa. Therefore, the size could be bigger or smaller than your sofa. If it is bigger, the sofa can looks sloppy and it is quite distracting.

  1. Wrinkles

If your slipcover does not fit with the sofa, it can create wrinkles after sitting on. Especially, after you wash them, there may wrinkle remained on your slipcover.

  1. Cleaning steps

Even though your slipcover can be washed in the machine, there are several steps you need to follow. You need to separately clean the frame and the cushion slipcover. this is not the last step because you need to put them back to furniture damp.

Despite the cons, you can still get a slipcover if you are planning to change the sofa design regularly. However, you should follow the maintenance steps for the more durable slipcover.

Buying the perfect sofa is one thing, maintaining it to last long is other thing. You might have bought the best sofa bed from thorough research and online searching ( Here is an excellent guide to buy a quality sofa set). Get a slip cover and make sure that this piece of furniture lasts long.